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In this fast paced world businesses are looking for solutions for faster, but deliver higher quality software , what does this mean for testing?

As Industry is moving and adopting Agile and DevOps, they are realising the benefits of continuous testing or test early. Delivering quality on agile projects means testing iteratively against new code. The team should not compromise quality for speed and have the ability to test from the end-user perspective as early in the development cycle as possible. Optimising test cycles time is critical to the overall process.

With the rapid changes in demand in the marketplace and within the organisation, many of the projects and organisations are moving towards Agile or they are already practicing Agile methodology. This also means they will have some projects in transition. All the different methodology will lead to the confusion in test adoption and optimisation.

Test Adoption

Genesis can help you in defining appropriate model that is pragmatic and result oriented. We will also help you with Automation strategies for the organisation with a clear implementation strategy. We will also engage with you and help you to achieve your goals and align your operations to your organisation strategy to add value.

Automation Testing

One of the biggest challenges facing QA teams today is maintaining accurate, quality tests for a constantly shifting app landscape.

Test Early and Often

With automated testing solutions, you can test applications early and often in the development cycle. Optimise business efficiency and productivity and more rapidly deliver higher-quality applications into the hands of your end users.

Test Services
  • Test Coaching and consulting
  • Test Process improvement roadmap
  • Test Programme Management and Test Management
  • Setting up a test shared service model
  • Building competency and capability

We also examine your test organisation and help you define the best solution to leap into the next phase of organisation optimisation.