Business Coaching
Coaching relationship can provide a fresh perspective on your challenges and opportunities. It will enhance thinking and decision making skills..
Project Excellence
Business has changed, but the fundamentals always stay the same. Organisations of all sizes are tasked with which relies on accuracy and the fair presentation of their business.
Agile Adoption
Agile method promise to help you create software that delivers far more business value and do it faster, at lower cost, and with less pain.
Test Optimisation
Optimise business efficiency and productivity and more rapidly deliver higher quality applications into the hands of your end users



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"Deepak’s great listening and understanding, in combination with his intuition, curiosity and determination skills, helped me to identify real issues and to explore correct solutions that fit my team or my organisation. I learned that I have to capacity to go beyond, through challenging the situation in a positive way/altering the way I look at things"
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"Deepak has been an amazing advisor to GetSkills team. He brought his valuable insights from his consulting experience from Big 4 consulting firms on the table and helped us in creating a short-term and long-term strategy. He has made himself available whenever we needed his advice and wisdom. We highly recommend him for Business consulting and strategy assignments"
CEO, GetSkills ltd
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"Deepak is a great person has advised us to establish a startup company. His views and expertise is so helped us to move forward. He has made himself available whenever we needed his advice and wisdom. We highly recommend him for Business consulting and strategy assignments"
Spred Founder, digital agency

Business Coaching

Key for business direction, it is easy to get lost in operations and tactical delivery. For a healthy and the focus business growth, you need to have a coach who will assist you in your vision

Project Excellence

In today’s competitive and fast-paced market requirements, where 70% of the projects are troubled or exceeding budget, it becomes imperative to build a solid project management practice to deliver project/programmes in time, quality and cost.

Agile Adoption Consulting

Agile is a ‘way of working’ in which an organisation empowers its people to work in a competitive environment to self-manage and deliver in short intervals. Agile to optimise their performance and reliability. Better to know where you are in journey.

People Engagement

Any organisation’s lifeline is people and their emotions for the organisation. Early warning system to be in place to ensure that your team is happy and your business in safe

Benefit Realisation Assessment

Any implementation to be tracked, measured and analysed. If you are not assessing your benefits, then you will not know what works and what does not for you

Production Readiness Review

Projects are fast paced and risk based. The PRR will assist the stakeholders with a tool to assess the project or product quality, provide risks and impacts that help in deciding go/no-go.

Deepak Daniel
Deepak Daniel
Deepak brings to our business more than 25 years of experience as a consultant, company director,business leader, account executive, and performance improvement adviser in a wide range of industries and practices. Having engaged in over eight countries, he adds a valuable global perspective and localised knowledge to all our work. He works with organisations tostrengthen leadership, enhance IT capability, align practices with values and purpose. He is passionate about people and their success. He loves helping people and business owners transform what’s possible for them and their business. He challenges himself to provide a simple solution to a complex problem. He believes in solving problems and not the people

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