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Sep 23

Playing the next level game!

I was watching my son playing a car race game on his PlayStation. Suddenly, he screamed with an excitement that he completed a level and won the race. Now he can access powerful cars and parts that will help him build a new and powerful car. He spent next hour just building his new race car […]
Oct 12

Are we using the cloud as an option

Are we using the cloud as an option! In the era of software as a service and infrastructure as service, is testing adapted to cloud computing for testing? With the huge growth in mobile computing, social and analytics, it has become very important for business and it to provide a platform that can help implementing […]
Oct 09

Test Managers; Are they Obsolete in Agile and DevOps World?

For years, the role of a test manager was comprised of managing test project delivery in specific. Which means to take care of testers, technical aspects, environments, defect management, cost, schedule and reporting stakeholders. A normal day would consist of several meetings, data analysis, conflict management, collaboration, performance reviews, etc, With all of these management […]